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3890 Dahlia Street Denver, CO 80207


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We do not have a retail store front.  you will need to place your order on the shop retail page, and we will send you a confirmation with a pickup date.  Most orders are available for pick up the next day, unless you place the order on Friday, then the order will be ready the following Monday as we are closed on the weekend.
Thank you!


Tonali's meats

Serving the finest restaurants in denver

We are proud to be serving some of the finest restaurants in the state of Colorado.  From Denver to Aspen and everywhere in between, we strive to give the best customer service experience around.


providing only the best meats and more...

Over the past 60 years we have expanded our product line significantly, providing only the best products we can find.  Having exclusivity with a lot of items, we are slowly becoming a one stop shop for our customers!


Located in
the heart
of the city

We are so excited to have purchased a larger facility right in the heart of Denver.  Come see us anytime for a tour!


our story

Our story begins in a small town

Company History


Originating in 1963 as a small grocery store in North Denver, Snooky’s Market is where it all began. 60 years later, we still have one thing in mind, THE MEAT!  Although the name has changed a few times, from Cash and Carry Meats to Century Meat Packers to now Tonali’s Meats, we are still the same family serving restaurants all across Colorado. We strive on quality, but even more so on the Customer and the experience they get

 with us, day in and day out!

Our Product lines

We have come a long way from where our roots where dug.  Going from a protein only based company to now a small food service operation, we can easily say that our product line has broadened, 10 fold! 

Perfection takes time

Although we are far from perfect, and we make plenty of mistakes, we all have one goal in mind.  That is to make sure the customer is taken care of.  Being in business 60 years says a lot about our passion and dedication to our industry.  We try everyday to show our customers and our city just how proud of that we really are.


Me and Dad..
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